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A Quick Pit Stop

Just dropping in to share a bit about what's been happening on our end. These days, we've really been sinking our teeth into some meaty segments of the game that were only theoretical until recently. The most interesting thing we will be reviewing on our weekly commitment review call is the roguelike mode.

We're adding this mode to Mobius Rift because we believe it adds an extra dimension to the game, which will provide a fresh experience each time you play. In our specific implementation the roguelike game mode will be a weekly resetting procedurally generated map that all players get to experience and will hopefully lead to waves of hype in the community as really unbalanced maps cycle through and everyone shares their routes to get the easiest rewards available. Our unnamed rogue-mode will be a space where you can test your strategic thinking and adaptability in a dynamic, ever-evolving setting with high stakes. It's been a pretty hefty piece of work, but one we're committed to getting just right.

Alongside this, we're spending time refining the broader game experience. We want Mobius Rift to be a place you are eager to come back to time and time again, an environment that feels both engaging and familiar each time you jump in. It's this delicate balance we're trying to strike as we continue to polish the game. Our recent menu rework (or rather utter destruction) is a great example of this. We have dedicated serious time and effort to removing as many menus as we could without adding annoying inneficiencies to basic processes within the game. This is an example of our teams mindset and ability to add delay to the release for the greater good of the player experience.

We're eager to give you more details soon. In the meantime, we want to express our sincere gratitude for your ongoing support and patience.

Until next time, stay tuned for more insights into our journey.

Thank you for reading, Gavin Jones CEO & Lead Developer @ Robot Style Games Inc.

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