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Bringing NPCs to life with AI

Another week another blog post, this week I'm beyond excited to share with you how we're revolutionizing NPC interaction in our game, Mobius Rift.

As a gamer and developer, I've always wanted to create characters that feel real and immersive. That's why I'm thrilled to share that we're using AI-powered language models to give all NPCs in Mobius Rift the ability to engage in dynamic, natural conversations with players. This tech brings our characters, including our friendly AI assistant Via, to life like never before. The added value we are seeing on Via above we will see on many other characters as well, and in fact the AI capabilities are a driver to add additional characters to better take advantage of our efforts in this area.

My team and I are planning to fine-tune our AI language model using custom datasets tailored for Mobius Rift. This will make all of our NPCs super knowledgeable about their specific roles in the game, as well as the game's mechanics, lore, and setting. Players will be able to rely on these AI-driven characters for both casual chitchat and expert guidance throughout their gaming adventure.

One of the most exciting things about AI language models is their boundless potential for creating free and natural feeling experiences. This means that players feel rewarded for following their interests rather than following a big yellow arrow on the screen like many other games provide. We've been working on integrating these models with our game which has already been in development for a significant amount of time, and the possibilities seem endless.

For instance as an example of something fresh we could implement, consider the idea of grading the relationship between players and each NPC. This new stat could be used to adjust the rewards received from that NPC during game activities or we could provide an end goal of being able to marry a character once you achieve a certain quality of relationship with them. These are just some fun examples of ways we can provide a better user experience by being willing to operate on the bleading edge of technology. It is of course important to listen when these things set off alarm bells with the community and we intend to be experimental while listening closely to what players want.

Mobius Rift is just the beginning. As more developers start to integrate advanced AI models into their projects, we can expect a new wave of increasingly sophisticated and engaging AI-driven NPCs. This development promises to reshape the industry, offering players richer storylines, more dynamic gameplay, and deeper character development.

This new topic has been an incredible journey for me and my team. We believe that this forward thinking approach will elevate the gaming experience and lead to a future where AI-powered NPCs become a staple in the world of video games. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from us at Robot Style Games Inc.

Thank you for reading, Gavin Jones CEO & Lead Developer @ Robot Style Games Inc.

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