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Building a Thriving Community for Mobius Rift on Discord

Updated: May 1, 2023

As game developers, fostering an engaged and passionate community is crucial for creating a successful game. In the development of Mobius Rift, we've harnessed the power of Discord to create a space for our players to connect, share ideas, and contribute to the growth of our game. Impressively, our Discord community has grown to 125 active members and counting, achieved through just about four social media posts over the course of a month. This blog post will share our journey in building the Mobius Rift community on Discord and how we've prioritized player opinions while using minimal marketing efforts.

In the early stages of building our community, we set up a Discord server for Mobius Rift. Discord allowed us to create channels dedicated to various topics such as game updates, waifu requests, ship requests, and future in-game rewards. This organization facilitated easy communication between our team and the players, and fostered a sense of belonging within the community. We were able to create low effort no conversation required interaction options that would actually stear the outcome of the game.

To encourage interaction, we actively engaged with our Discord members from the very beginning. Hosting Q&A sessions, sharing behind-the-scenes content, and responding to feedback helped create a welcoming environment. Our players understood that their voices were heard, and their opinions mattered, resulting in a dedicated and outspoken community.

Throughout the development process, we sought player input, often presenting prototypes, artwork, and game mechanics for review and discussion. By being transparent and seeking input from players, we refined Mobius Rift to better align with our community's desires. We also established weekly topics in the general chat, which kept our community engaged while providing invaluable feedback. During our weekly meetings, we reflected on the feedback, responding with thoughtful and creative solutions to player concerns on a consistent schedule.

We are already being celebrated for our efforts in the Discord for simply being transparent and in fact it has caused our community to encourage healthy monetization as a means to fund something they believe in... This will only become more valuable as the Discord member number increases and the potential playerbase for our upcoming game sees us as passionate individuals working toward the goal of providing entertaining content.

Celebrating growth and milestones played a vital role in strengthening the bond between our team and the community. Reaching specific numbers of Discord members or finishing art assets that the community was eager to see were opportunities for celebration that solidified our connection with the community. By leveraging the power of organic growth and focusing on fostering strong relationships with our players, we were able to drive interest from 1 weekly social post posted across several platforms and directed toward our discord into a small group of passionate fans. Now we simply need to stick with it and eventually deliver something we are proud to stand by.

Thank you for reading, Gavin Jones CEO & Lead Developer @ Robot Style Games Inc.

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