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Meet The Team

Gav BW.jpg

Gavin Jones

CEO & Lead Developer

Our CEO & Lead Developer has extensive IT engineering experience, and is responsible for starting Robot Style Games Inc. in 2021.

Gavin is working to develop a strong base for this studio to build upon for years to come with the primary goal of focusing on rewarding systems and attention to player interests.  When combined these vital components of our business will lead to an enjoyable player experience.

James Mehrkens

Audio Director

Our Audio Director has many years of audio engineering under his belt across a wide variety of verticals.


Jim is responsible for ensuring every game we produce is worth putting on headphones to play.  Every sound a player hears in game is heavily influenced and at times made by Jim. No matter our needs Jim provides production level output that he is passionate about and enables us to stay small while remaining capable of competing with the big dogs in the market. This passion is a major factor when it comes to creating an enjoyable experience for the players.

jim BW.jpg

Oray Studios

Animations & Artistic Asset

Oray Studios is everything and anything we need at all times. A jack of all trades is key to the success of a startup like ours so we figured why not bring on a whole team of them. 


Every step of the way Oray Studios have been eager and invested in the success of Robot Style Games.  That combined with about 40 artistic eyes ensures that everything we create is as beautiful as we imagined it

Oray Studios BW.jpg
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