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A Humble Leap: Refining Mobius Rift Through Self-Reflection

In the realm of mobile gaming, it's tempting to follow established paths. That was our initial approach when designing the menus for Mobius Rift. However, an inspired idea from our artist, Fei, encouraged us to question the easier path.

Fei put forth a concept that was as simple as it was profound: turn our game's menus into a dynamic, living hub. Not only will this hub serve as an explorable menu, granting access to all the features expected in our genre, but it also aims to immerse players more fully in the vibrant universe of Mobius Rift. This minor paradigm shift will have a significant impact on our design process.

While we remain committed to creating a universally accessible mobile experience, we're also striving to provide a more comprehensive experience in the most efficient ways possible, so our game can reach and be enjoyed by people worldwide while still allowing them to feel lost in the world we are so carefully crafting.

Our menu system's metamorphosis into an animated hub, where pilots and players coexist, marks a pivotal point in our journey. We've even woven it into the game's lore. We're not seeking to make earth-shattering discoveries or claim to revolutionize the industry. Instead, it's about acknowledging the room for improvement in the everyday elements that are often overlooked and taking steps, however slight, towards refinement. This ethos of continuous self-challenge and adaptability has enabled us to enhance Mobius Rift in a truly meaningful way in approximately 1 weeks time.

Amidst the current economic climate, these incremental, cost-effective enhancements are vital for a startup like ours. We're concentrating on refining the end-user experience and crafting a game that deeply resonates with players, always pushing to exceed our present capabilities.

We're excited to share this evolution with you and look forward to your valuable feedback. As we carry on with the development of Mobius Rift, our pledge remains unwavering: to question, to enhance, and above all, to deliver the finest gaming experience to the one who matters most - the player. Stay connected for more updates on our exciting journey.

Thank you for reading, Gavin Jones CEO & Lead Developer @ Robot Style Games Inc.

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