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Our Very First Community Poll!

Approximately 24 hours ago we posted the above image on Reddit's gacha gaming subreddit and asked the community to let us know what they wanted their game to look like. This is step one of many towards a future where our players have a voice and feel heard. Our games are meant to be connected with, to celebrate our players achievements as they reach their goals. We want our community to feel appreciative when they think of us, not frustrated as if everyone knows there is a problem but no matter how loud they are no one seems to hear. Unfortunately I think this is how many gamers today feel and we want to change that.

The above image is the result of our test, the people spoke and we are going to stand by our half of the deal. Of course the player's can't control every aspect of our future but today I am proud of our team for taking this leap and trusting the community to guide us where possible. We have many more polls post (probably around 50 more) and we are excited to see what they player's want their world to feel like. Looking forward to next weekend!

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